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NO NO NOTES·Sugar recipe cheek color plate blush / blush pallete / face makeup / blush

05 red bean square
05 red bean square
06 Canned peach
02 milk taro cake
03 Lemon donut

- Highlight + blush, double effect
- Soft waxy powder quality upgrade, delicate double, lasting color without flying powder
- A plate of multi-purpose, can be used as eye shadow, also can be used as blush highlights
-BH02 milk taro cake: milk tea nude blush + smoothie highlights, natural makeup without choosing skin tone
-BH03 Lemon donut: sour and sweet show white pink orange, vitality reduction age secret
-BH05 red bean small square: bean paste red brown cheek red + snowflake highlight, gentle and ambiguous black tea rose, facilitate to create autumn and winter atmosphere feeling makeup look
-BH06 Canned peach: Apricot milk peach color + baked milk highlight, human peach, all skin colors available

😘KKV is a brand focused on creative lifestyles, offering a selection of current imported and local products. At present, it has 2000+ branches around the world, and the goal is to open 200 branches in Indonesia. All KKV products go through the screening process, and under the supervision of customs and government, guarantee the original and quality of KKV products at affordable prices.😘

The order process and delivery will be carried out during the working hours of 09:00 WIB-16:00 WIB from Monday to Friday.
Especially for Go-Send / Grab Express, the order and delivery process is carried out between 09.00 WIB-12.00 WIB. Orders that exceed business hours will be shipped on the next business day. Please check the received product immediately. If there is an error in the delivery of the order or the quality of the product, please scan the QR code on the receipt to contact our customer service. We will help you resolve your complaint immediately. Please also visit our outlets, we will provide you with the best quality service.
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